Our AI Virtual Assistant Training Data

Introducing: Olivia - Our Own AI... Here is How We Trained Her

Company-Specific Learning

Trained To:

  • Company Website

  • ALL previous client conversations in the CRM

  • Pricing Chart (filled out by owner/Financial manager)

  • Company-Specific Q&A

    • specific questions are to be manually answered and the AI learns based off the response

General Learning

Trained On A few websites including:

  • Angis' Home Improvement Articles

    • Benefits of Maintenance services & How-to's

    • Everything the aI needs to know about pricing

  • Lawn Loves' Home Improvement Articles

    • Problem-Solution based articles

    • Everything the aI needs to know about outdoor services

  • Home Buyers' Maintenance checklist

    • Great checklist for upselling seasonal services

    • Everything the aI needs to know about Mandatory Services

Pricing (Custom Per Company)

Office: Clarksville, MD

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