OutGrow Innovations

6 Months Expired To Protect Our Clients' Growth

Infinite Customer LTV

A Sneak Peak...

  • EX1: Holiday Gift Cards

    • Sold Free Mow gift cards for $15 for 2 free mows (Giftable Only)

      • We profited on the actual gift cards AND sold 17+ mowing clients

    • Mowing Clients had to sign up for the year-long plan

Infiltrating Neighborhoods

A Sneak Peak...

  • EX1: ADT yard signs + Targeted Ads

    • Installed ADT style signs at the front of the driveway near a sidewalk (Logo Alone)

      • targeted with FB ads including team FACES and logos

      • sealed the deal in-person (Ultimate trust creation)

  • EX2: Affiliated Discounts

    • Decreased $5 per month for every neighbor that signs (Entire neighborhood benefits)

      • created community but introducing neighbor clients

      • canvassers built connections 6-12 months BEFORE selling

      • used names of clients to gain trust

And WAAY more...